At “les madames”, we firmly believe in ethical and sustainable fashion, respecting our workers and leaving behind a smaller footprint on our planet. We also believe in perfectly matching design and comfort in our garments.

Better working conditions, fairer wages, less pesticides and lots of love… we work daily with our partners to build a fair-trade brand. How are we doing this? Keep reading below!

Organic Cotton.

Our choice to use organic cotton does not only have a positive impact on the quality of the soil, but also on the living conditions of our farmers and the local population. Selecting this material is core to our mission and our product.

As our fabric is in direct contact with your skin, our goal is to push harder to create even more sustainable fabric options.

Incorporating Fabrics from all Over the World.

Whether it’s Asian, African or Latin American, all of our bejeweled and patterned fabrics used in our design sweatshirts are an invitation to travel… but there is more to the story!

Purchased from charities that provide fair wages and decent working conditions, we help support ancestral communities and spread know-how around the world.

Produced in France.

Entirely made in France, the region of Ile-de-France to be more exact, our sweatshirts are hand fitted by independent seamstresses. Solidarity and social responsibility, reduction of our carbon footprint, enhancement of local know-how, we only see benefits choosing to produce nearby.

The Future is Female.

Of course, with a name like ours, it is hard not to believe in female empowerment! We use mixed size models, offer a wide array of size options, limit photo editing, and write positive messages on social media networks. It is by including all women, that we can all be well in our bodies!

The choice of models: Dancers, actresses, singers, whatever their shapes, their origins, their hair color or their foot size, “Les Madames” look like us.

The photos: Our photos are retouched for the color and the light, and to improve makeup, but it is out of the question to thin our models or erase their pretty shapes.

Sizes: We offer XS to XXL. We try to offer as many sizes as possible, so that every woman can enjoy our design sweatshirts. If your size is not available, you can always give us a ring, so we can work on a custom sweatshirt in your size.

On Social Media: Empowerment quotes, female artist work, woman portraits, we share our daily inspiration with you!

Our Team.

But who are we? Behind “les madames” stand four women. We all come from different backgrounds but are united by the same desire and driven by the same purpose: combining pleasure and solidarity on a daily basis.

From design to legal, from social to commerce and communication… “les madames” Hélène, Zoé, Véronique and Laury form a great cocktail!

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